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February 17, 2022


brass and glass photo keepsake box with photos inside

Why Printed Photographs

Why do I need to print my photos? Can’t I just save them on the cloud? First of all, are your most treasured photos saved to the cloud or on your hard-drive? How easy is it for you to find a photo you’re looking for? Do you ever get around to printing your photos? Is it easier to look at photos on your phone or on a tangible photo album?

I have a friend (my BEST FRIEND, actually), who sends her iphone photos to be printed in a book for every family vacation. Not enough people do this. My friend is not a professional photographer, she doesn’t even own an entry-level DSLR camera. Like most people, she takes photos of her family on her phone. She finds an inexpensive online print lab, and has photo books made of her family vacations. Her children can now enjoy looking at a tangible book filled with photos of their family vacation. They can see themselves in almost every image, and re-live the story of funny tidbits from their trip. GENIUS.

Where to print your photos

I encourage you to print your photos, even everyday photos you take on your phone. Your children will thank you. Here’s a few recommendations on where to print your phone photos or

Most people are not like my best friend. Most people don’t take the time to look through their phone photos and make a family book or album of their vacation. Just like most people who invest in professional photography don’t get around to printing their photos.

album in linen, custom name printed on cover with a matted-photo keepsake box

I’m here to help

My love of printed photos is why I offer high quality printed photo options to all of my clients. The quality print labs I partner with make their products here in the united states. These print labs work exclusively with professional photographers, and create some of the most beautiful printed artwork. Creating custom Heirloom albums and framed wall art for families to enjoy for generations to come is something I am truly passionate about.

I offer an easy process of helping you choose your favorite photos from your photo session to display in your home. Once you choose which photos you love the most, I design an album or wall gallery of framed prints. Finally, I deliver your albums or framed prints and even help you install your framed photos. It’s that simple.

Let me custom design an album of your baby’s first year. From your beautiful baby bump, newborn session to baby’s fist birthday. Or maybe you’re updating your family photos! I’d love to help you design a gorgeous wall gallery of framed prints to adorn a focal point in your home. I order every printed item through my trusted, professional print labs. Each item is hand crafted here in the U.S. with the quality to last a lifetime and beyond.

For more information on the printed artwork I offer, click here:

photo of matted-photos with blue linen keepsake box

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